Business Money Market Savings

An all-inclusive short-term savings account for all types of businesses and professional practices.

Opening balance requirements are tailored to fit your needs.

No monthly service fee with a minimum daily balance of $50.00.

Only $5.00 per month if the balance dips below $50.00.

Higher daily collected balances bring you MORE interest dollars (Click here for current rates).

Three (3) checks or other withdrawals are free per month. Withdrawals #4 and up are $5.00 each.

(Please note that federal law limits the number of certain transactions to a total of six per statement cycle on these Money Market Savings accounts.)

Images on your cancelled checks are stored at the bank, not returned with your statement. (It keeps the clutter in our house, not yours.) Those images of your checks are always available. Contact us or use your Online e-Banking access.

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